To give you an idea of what my translation services can do for you, here are a few examples of recent projects.

Le Boisselier – Artisan woodworker

Since translating this woodworker’s website and product descriptions, 30% of visitors to Le Boisselier’s website have been located in English-speaking countries. What’s more, English-speaking customers are now responsible for 40% of his revenues.  (Visit the website here: FR/EN)


Résumés and cover letters

Equipped with professional translations of his job application materials, a mortgage broker in Quebec was able to land a new position in English-speaking Ontario.


Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale (CECI) – International cooperation organization

By providing CECI with English translations of project reports on their food assistance program in West Africa, I helped the organization advance its partnership with the United States Office of Food for Peace (FFP) to bring food assistance to nearly 2,000 of the most vulnerable households in northern Senegal.


Société de développement social de Ville-Marie (SDSVM) – Social broker

The English version of the SDSVM's presentation page for their crowdfunding campaign helped them raise the funds they needed to launch www.destinationemploi.ca, the first online employment agency for homeless individuals estranged from the job market. (Read about the campaign here: FR/EN)


Fujitsu Canada – IT services

My translation of one of Fujitsu's bids for tender helped the company obtain a $7 million contract in the United States.


iProspect – Digital performance marketing agency

Using SEO and keywords in titles and articles, my English translations of blog posts written by iProspect resulted in over 120 page views in a 6-month time period.


Ecohome – Resources for sustainable housing

By adapting website articles originally written in French by Ecohome’s counterpart, Écohabitation, I helped promote the use of sustainable building practices among a wider public. (See an example here: FR/EN)

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