5 Personalized Services

Translation - Copyediting - Ad adaptation - Revision - Proofreading

  • Effective transmission of essential information with an acute awareness of cultural nuances and regional differences in both French (Canada, France) and English (Canada, United States)
  • Polished, exact transfer of tone and content from the original to the translated text

  • Revision of texts originally written in English to ensure that they are clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent
  • Addition of headlines, standardized headers and footers, pull quotes and photo captions

  • Re-creation of promotional ads and texts specific to a location or culture to target local or global markets

  • Checks for grammatical errors as well as for syntax, punctuation and proper style
  • Suggestions for areas needing clarification or context-specific terminology

  • Correction of typos, misspellings and omissions
  • Final review of typeset copies

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